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Join us for the Independence Day parade (and other upcoming events)

I hope you will all join us this Saturday for the Independence Day parade.  As highlighted in the newsletter distributed today (Thanks, Eve and Hayden!), the parade will be this Saturday, July 3rd, at 10:30am.

We’re all going to meet at the clubhouse and parade around the Iman loop, then return to the clubhouse for refreshments by Kona Ice, Tropical Shaved Ice.

Other Events

Other upcoming events to put on your calendar include the “Friday After Five” pool party.  Join us at the pool on Friday, Aug 6th from 5-9pm for free pizza and entertainment provided by Joe Bunn DJ Company.

Ladies Night Out currently meets on the last Wednesday of every month.  Please contact Doracy Harrison if you’re interested in joining the group.  The neighborhood playgroup for kids ages 0-5 meets every Friday from 1o-12, and you can contact Erica Penny for more details on the playgroup.

Looking a bit further into the future, the children’s Halloween party will be held on Oct. 23, our Fall celebration on Nov. 13, and the holiday breakfast on Dec 11.

Upcoming Board Meeting

We also have an board meeting coming up in a few weeks.  The board meets every other month on the 3rd Wednesday, and so our next meeting will be Wed, July 21st at 7pm. We hope you’ll come out and join us.

As you can see, we’ve got a lot going on, and we hope to see you at one (or all) of the events soon!

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On common courtesy and coming together as a community

I need your (collective) help with something.

I’ve been approached recently by several residents citing concerns about things like food left out at the pool, attracting ants and bees; kids running and splashing, disturbing others at the pool; bathrooms left a mess; infants in the pool without a swim diaper.  At the center of these concerns is also the issue of “enforcement” (e.g., who is going to enforce the new non-smoking policy, especially if no one is “enforcing” the pool area already).

I can understand the concerns, and as someone that uses the pool, playground and clubhouse fairly regularly, can appreciate the annoyance that can be caused by these situations.

When I think about what options we have to improve the situation, I see a couple of ways this can play out:

  1. We can get rid of any pretence of enforcement and have an anything goes environment.
  2. We can appoint smoking police and food police and bathroom police and establish fines and hearings to make sure all policies are being enforced.
  3. We can all treat our common areas like our own homes and show respect for each other as fellow members of the same community.

Personally, I like that third option the best.

What I would ask you to think about is something very simple – your fellow Alyson Pond residents.  When you walk away and leave food on a table, it’s your neighbors who either have to clean up after you or suffer from the bees and ants that come in their wake.   When your kids run and splash, it’s your neighbors that you’re annoying. When you let your kid go into the pool with a saggy diaper, well, I think we all get the picture.

I began by saying I need your help with something.  I’ve got a couple of requests.

My first request, as in option 3 above, is that we all treat the common areas as we would treat our own homes. Show respect for your neighbors by cleaning up after yourselves, watching your kids, smoking outside the pool enclosure.   And I would extend this to include things like closing the umbrellas or shutting out the bathroom lights should you suspect you might be one of the last ones to leave the pool – which will go a long way to making sure we’re not forced to unnecessarily spend the homeowner dues that we all contribute.

My second request is that you be respectful should someone – whether a board member or fellow resident – come up to you and ask you to step outside with the cigarette, or should someone point out that your kid is the reason there is almost as much water out of the pool as in the pool.

And my third request is that you let us know what we, as a board, can do to help.   Are people leaving food out because the trash cans are full by the end of the day?  Let us know so we can get more trash bins.   Do we need spend more time at the pool so we (instead of you) can speak to parents about their kids’ activities?   What else would you suggest we do?

I consider myself very fortunate to have lived in Alyson Pond for just over a decade now.   I like that our neighborhood includes people from all sorts of professions and backgrounds, spanning all phases of life.   And I like that, by and large, I’ve found that we are all friendly, courteous, and respectful of each other.   I just ask that we keep this in mind when using the pool and other common areas.

Thank you.

New non-smoking policy for Alyson Pond pool effective 7/3/2010

In response to health-related concerns brought to the board by homeowners, the board voted this past week to make the Alyson Pond pool non-smoking within the pool enclosure.

This move will make Alyson Pond consistent with other neighborhood community pools and Raleigh city pools, and is designed to ensure that our community resources remain a safe and welcoming place for all residents.

Effective Saturday, 7/3/2010, smoking will not be allowed within the pool enclosure. We will be making cigarette receptacles available for those who choose to smoke outside the enclosure.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in adhering to this new policy, and please feel free to let us know of any questions or comments at

Share your recommendations: Contractors, Painters, etc.

Every once in a while those of us on the Alyson Pond Board are asked for recommendations for contractors, painters, repairmen, or other service providers.

While making official recommendations as a board could put us in a difficult situation, I’m sure many of you have had positive experiences with providers that you would recommend to others.

So with that, I’m going to step out of the way and ask you to use the comments below to share any recommendations that you think would be helpful for other Alyson Pond residents.

Share away!

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Did you know? Lower clubhouse rental fee

Alyson Pond ClubhouseFor those of you who might not be aware of it, as a trial this year we have lowered the rental fee for the clubhouse from $100 to $50.   The clubhouse is a great resource for our community, and we felt that the $100 rate might be making it a bit prohibitive for people interested in renting it.

I just looked at the rentals for Jan-May of this year and was very pleased to see that so far we have had 3 times as many rentals as during the same time period last year. (I would certainly call that a successful trial!)

If you have an event coming up that you would like to hold at the clubhouse, you can find the information you need here (pdf) or speak to our management company, Charleston Management, at 919.847-3003 or

And, as always, your feedback is welcome.  You can always reach the board at or can leave a comment below.

Welcome to the Alyson Pond Homeowner’s Association Blog

Welcome to the blog for the Homeowner’s Association of the Alyson Pond community in North Raleigh, NC!

This blog is a companion for the official website of Alyson Pond, and is intended as a way to allow the Homeowner’s Association board – and all residents – to share news, updates, events, and anything else that might help us come together as a community.  Think of it as an always up-to-date online newsletter for Alyson Pond.

Please look around, jump in and leave a comment, or feel free to reach out to the board at any time with comments or suggestions at

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