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Alyson Pond Master Plan – Second Installment

As announced in the December newsletter, I was asked by the Board to post a series of blogs on the Master Plan. This is the second of these blogs. The purpose is to:

  • understand what the current Master Plan is, and what it is not
  • to begin discussions on the relevance and worth of existing plan projects
  • to solicit new ideas for the plan

Last week we talked about the first two projects: A. The Trellis (Pergola) and B. Fence and Gate. This week we’ll be talking about C. The Information Center and D. The Deck and Gazebo.

Project C. The Information Center The purpose of the Information

Information Center

Center is to provide a structure that houses bulletin boards/cases for postings by homeowners and notifications by the Association Board or its standing committees.

The appearance of the Center would be modeled after the Clubhouse entrance, with columns supporting a porch that protects the bulletin board / cases from the weather.
The clapboard siding, paint and shingles will be chosen to match the Clubhouse. The back of the information center would have double doors for easy access to storage of signage, Holiday decorations, and other Association property that is currently stored elsewhere.

Project D. The Deck and Gazebo The purpose of the Deck and Gazebo

Deck and Gazebo

is to provide a destination from which the pond can be more fully enjoyed. The deck would serve as a pier for fishing or tying up small water craft like canoes or kayaks. The gazebo provides a covered area from the sun where an observer can contemplate the vista or enjoy a casual lunch.

The construction of both structures is of treated pine. The decking is finished in a translucent or transparent stain. The Gazebo structure is painted in a trim color to match the Clubhouse and shingled with matching asphalt shingles.

(To be continued next week – Perimeter Walk and Landscaping)

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