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Reminder: Board Meeting – Wed, 9/15, 7pm

The next Alyson Pond Homeowner’s Association board meeting will be tomorrow, Wed. 9/15 at 7pm in the clubhouse.

If you haven’t been to a board meeting lately, please stop on by and  join us (and of course, if you have been to one lately, we’d welcome you to join us, too.)

And, as always, if you have any questions or feedback for the board but can’t make the meeting, you can leave a comment here or e-mail us at

See you tomorrow!

Journalist Joins Duke Garden Tour

Cheryl Doyle Kearns, the managing editor of CIRCA (formerly Heritage) magazine, will be joining the Alyson Pond Garden Club as it makes its Duke Garden Tour on Friday, September 24, 2010. Cheryl is not only an editor, she is a regular contributor to the publication, writing about gardening and outdoor living in the North Raleigh and Wake Forest areas. She is a Master Gardener and active member of the Martindale Garden Club.

“We’re thrilled to have Cheryl join our tour” says Paul Martin, coordinator of the Alyson Pond Garden Club. “I met Cheryl when I was a guest lecturer for the Martindale Club and was impressed by her horticulture knowledge. Her experience and expertise will be a welcome addition to the tour.”

The tour participants will depart the Alyson Pond Clubhouse at 2 PM and gather at the Duke Gardens where at 3 PM they will be met by a senior Duke Gardens staff member who will give a personal guided tour through the Gardens. At 4 PM the group will be invited to a private preview of the Fall Crafts and Plant Sale.

 “I met Cheryl when I was a guest lecturer for the Martindale Club and was impressed by her horticulture knowledge. Her experience and expertise will be a welcome addition to the tour.”

There are still a handful of spaces available for the tour. Admission is $10 which will go towards the tour guide and a contribution to ‘The Friends of Duke Gardens’ . For more information or to make your reservation, please contact Paul Martin at 847-1733. The deadline for admission is Friday, September 17, 2010.

Blog Etiquette

Now that this blog seems to be picking up steam a bit, I thought it would be good to share a few reminders on blog etiquette and rules.

Our goal in setting up this site is to foster communication between Alyson Pond residents and to make it easier for the board to share updates and receive feedback.  The feedback I’ve received regarding this blog (online and in person) has been very positive, and for that I thank you.

For it to remain effective, though, it is important that the blog remain a place for open, civil discussion.  As such, a few reminders:

  1. This is not the forum for personal attacks. If you have a concern that you would like to address with the board or another homeowner, please reach out to us (or them) directly.  I do not like having to remove or edit comments that are inappropriate, but have started to do so where needed.  (A general rule of thumb is if it’s not something you would say to that person’s face or in a public setting, it’s not appropriate to post in a comment on this blog.)
  2. Full name and a valid e-mail are required. This is a common rule that has been shown to help keep online conversations appropriate and civil.  In addition, you can’t receive a notice of replies to your comment if you don’t leave a valid e-mail, nor can we get in touch to follow up on any concerns you may raise.  As noted above, going forward, comments without a name or valid e-mail may be removed.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

These are the people in your neighborhood (Resident businesses and services)

As I have gotten to know more and more of you, I often find myself having “Really? I didn’t know that!” moments when learning about Alyson Pond residents that have their own business or service.

Whether it’s offering piano or swimming lessons, graphic design or landscaping services (to name just a few that come immediately to mind), we are fortunate to have quite a diverse and talented community.

If you are an Alyson Pond resident and have your own business or offer a service (including things like baby sitting or dog walking) that you would like to share, please leave a comment below and let your fellow residents know about it!

Reminder: Friday after Five Pool Party tomorrow (8/13)

Hi everyone,

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the Alyson Pond “Friday after Five Pool Party.”  We hope you can join us at the pool from 5-9pm.

Entertainment will be provided by Joe Bunn DJ service and there will be plenty of FREE PIZZA!   The weather forecast looks promising for the party so come on out and celebrate summertime with your neighbors.

—  Eve Pender
Social Chairman, Alyson Pond

Are you being judged by your lawn? What does your lawn say about you?

Normally I head out the door with my attention on getting to work as probably most of us do.  But this was a Saturday, and I decided to take it easy and ride around the neighbor. What I saw was disturbing.  There wasn’t just a yard here and there that was in apparent neglect, there were whole sections of the neighborhood.  When I returned home, I found a newspaper in the driveway– the North Raleigh News.  And this article caught my eye, and said just about everything that needs to be said. It’s by Jason Foster.  Here’s some exerpts.

As I roam the northern part of the city looking for a place for my family to live, I keep coming across middle-class neighborhoods that are, shall we say, lawn work challenged.

That’s not to say the overgrowth has reached jungle-like proportions, but it’s enough to make me wonder whether mowing the grass and lawn care in general have fallen out of fashion. And it’s not just one or two houses per neighborhood, It’s row after row of suspect lawns, and it gives me pause.

It’s frustrating to see a great house listing, then drive to the neighborhoods and be greeted with a first impression that says “You don’t want to live here”.

Full disclosure: I dread mowing the lawn as much as anyone.  It might actually be the thing in life I enjoy the least.

But there comes a point when the uncut grass, weeds growing in all directions, the kids toys strewn about send the message that the owners just don’t care anymore. Maybe some really don’t care. But if that’s the case, I have no desire to live in your neighborhood. 

To be fair, there are well manicured lawns in each neighborhood I’ve visited.  It’s obvious these people want their yards to have a pleasant appearance/  I applaud them.  But for you folks who are strangers to the mower, what’s the deal?

It’s frustrating to see a great house listing, then drive to the neighborhoods and be greeted with a first impression that says “You don’t want to live here”.

Is it apathy? Are you on vacation all summer? Are you just too busy? Is it just not that big a deal to your homeowners’ association?

Here’s my thinking and Id guess the thinking of others looking to buy. If someone doesn’t care about the appearance of his yard, them he probably isn’t giving his house the attention it deserves.  That attitude spreads throughout the neighborhood and a ‘why bother?’ feeling gains a foothold.  Over time, that doesn’t bode well for property values and resale potential.

I’m not saying everybody needs elaborate landscaping, or should hire a lawn service or spend large amounts of money to make the yard look nice.  Just do your part to keep things presentable.  Appearances do matter.

(reprinted with permission from Jason Foster, Editor, North Raleigh News, an N&O publication, Sunday, August 8, 2010.)

[There are nearly a dozen letters going to homeowners this week concerning their lawns. -Paul]

Garden Club: Duke Garden Tour and Festival

Join the Alyson Pond Garden Club Friday, September 24, 2010 as it makes its field trip to Duke Gardens.  Through special arrangement, the club will receive a private tour by one of the garden’s docents.  Then, immediately afterward we will be joining the Friends of Duke Gardens preview of the 2010 Plant and Craft Festival.

The Gardens and other vendors will offer for sale an array of plants appropriate for this region, including plants featured in Duke Gardens and rare and native species. Local artisans will sell garden-related gift items. And you can also get free horticultural advice from our staff and Durham County Master Gardeners.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens provides a place where people of all backgrounds and ages come for beauty, education, horticulture, solitude, discovery, study, renewal and inspiration.

Often spoken of as “the crown jewel of Duke University,” Duke Gardens occupies 55 acres in the heart of west campus, adjacent to Duke University Medical Center.

It is recognized as one of the premier public gardens in the United States, renowned both for landscape design and the quality of horticulture, each year attracting more than 300,000 visitors from all over the world.
So save the date: Friday, September 24, 2010. We will leave Alyson Pond at 2PM. The Tour begins at 3:00 and the Fair preview at 4:00pm.  Admission to the Tour and Fair is $10. Due to group size limitations, we can only take the first 25 registrants.  Adults only. To reserve your spot, call Paul Martin at 919.847.1733 or email  For more information, click on the link:
Sponsored by Leisure Landscapes.

Pool Party Postponed to Aug. 13th

After watching the weather all week, it appears that thunderstorms are in our forecast for tomorrow afternoon. With the DJ set up and pizza delivery to think about, we are going to try for another day where the weather looks more promising.

The Pool Party is being postponed until the following Friday, August 13th. The party will still be from 5-9pm. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you can join us on the 13th.

— Eve Pender

Garden Club Looks at The Latest for Watering Your Lawn

Tired of dragging hoses?  Want to learn how to be ‘Green’ about keeping your lawn green?

Then come to the Alyson Pond Garden Club meeting this Sunday, July 25, at 3:00 PM. You’ll learn about:

  • Do I need an automatic irrigation system?
  • How does it work?
  • What does it cost?
  • What is new in the industry?
    • Government regulations
    • ‘Smart’ controllers
    • NC State TIMS program

Temperatures are soaring and your lawn is browning.  Find out what you can — and should — do about it.

Reminder: Board Meeting This Wednesday – 7/21, 7pm

ClubhousePlease join the board This Wednesday (7/21) at 7pm in the clubhouse for our bi-monthly Alyson Pond Homeowners Association Board Meeting.

We look forward to seeing you there!