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May Yard of the Month

We have a winner for Yard of the Month! Taking top prize  for May are Andrew and Jamie Visocan of 8404 Waynesboro.  Coming in a close second was  Patricia Conroy of 2701 Iman and Cindy McCarty of 8609 Wheeling finished third.  As the neighborhood steadily improves in appearance, it is getting more and more difficult to pick a winner.  So we are happy to announce the second and third place finishers as well.

Visocan Residence - 8404 Waynesboro


Judging was based on five criteria: a healthy green lawn, properly pruned trees and shrubs, mulched and weed-free beds, seasonal color in flowers and foliage and a clean, clutter-free general appearance.

Thank you to our judging panel — Jennifer Magee, Paul Martin and Mimi Raub and congratulations to the Visocan household for a job well done.