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Share your recommendations: Contractors, Painters, etc.

Every once in a while those of us on the Alyson Pond Board are asked for recommendations for contractors, painters, repairmen, or other service providers.

While making official recommendations as a board could put us in a difficult situation, I’m sure many of you have had positive experiences with providers that you would recommend to others.

So with that, I’m going to step out of the way and ask you to use the comments below to share any recommendations that you think would be helpful for other Alyson Pond residents.

Share away!

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  1. Hey! We use HMI (HomeMedics Inc.) , and we’ve used them for all of our home stuff at our place and here in AP. They also do home inspections and pride themselves on a thorough job to the customer’s specifications. The realtor when we moved out of our old house commented right off on what a good job was done on the chimney and siding replacements. Note: She’s been in the area 20+yrs. We highly recommend them.

  2. I have satisfactorily used the following service providers personally and as a real estate agent.
    Contractor: Doug McCaffrey (Remodel Raleigh LLC)… 919-624-0355 (siding, doors, window repair/placement; roof replacement)

    Handyman/painting: Cary Painting & Home Improvement – Walt Smith 919-342-5673 (

    Plumber: Schwartz Plumbing 919-212-2777 (

    Electrician: Mr Electric 919-875-0330 (

    Tree maintenance/removal: Bartlett Tree Experts 919-782-7803 (

    Termite warranty/crawlspace moisture control/roof gutter fill: Terminix 919-790-0995 (

    Garage door repair/replacement: Wake Door Company, Aaron Dudek 919-387-1631

  3. Paul & Marie Stowers says:

    We live on Coxindale Drive and just had our house painted. We are very satisfied with the results and the price. It was done by:

    Touch of Color
    Torrey Humphries/Gene Humphries
    919-602-4115 (cell)

    These guys also do handyman jobs of all kinds.

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