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June Yard of the Month

We have a winner for Yard of the Month! Taking top prize  for June is Cindy McCarty  of 8609 Wheeling.  Coming in a close second was  Sandra Yarnall of 8613 Averell and Patricia Conroy of 2701 Iman  finished third. Sandra is new this month, nominated by a neighbor.  Cindy and Patricia have both been recent top place finishers. As the neighborhood steadily improves in appearance, it is getting more and more difficult to pick a winner.  So we are happy to announce the second and third place finishers as well.

McCarty Residence – 8609 Wheeling

Judging was based on five criteria: a healthy green lawn, properly pruned trees and shrubs, mulched and weed-free beds, seasonal color in flowers and foliage and a clean, clutter-free general appearance.

Thank you to our judging panel — Jennifer Magee, Paul Martin and Bill Pappas and congratulations to the McCarty household for a job well done.

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