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December Yard of the Month

1st Place - 2605 Meadow Star

1st Place – 2605 Meadow Star

Yard of the month for December is awarded to Gary and Margaret Wilcox of 2605 Meadow Star Court. This fanciful display shows what marvelous effect can be achieved with the judicious use of color.  The committee loved the creative wreath treatment of the oval window, the green Christmas tree with presents on the porch and the blue-scarfed snowman. This is the first time the Wilcoxs have won or placed in the finals. It is a delight to see, so let them know you enjoy it.


Finishing  second are Danny and Karen Watkins of 2609 Coxindale Drive.

2nd Place - 2609 Coxindale

2nd Place – 2609 Coxindale

Their home is decorated in the traditional style with the Christmas tree and candles in the windows, wreath on the door and the whole house flood-lit for a warm glow.

In third are Chris and Laurie Burchall of 8414 Yucca.  Their fanciful lighting gives a cottage feel that is warm and friendly.  The Burchalls were last year’s first place winner for December.

3rd Place - 8414 Yucca

3rd Place – 8414 Yucca

The Committee would also like to recognize Mary Frances of 8501 Wheeling Drive with and Honorable Mention for the tasteful decorations she provides. Mary won Yard of the Month in of this year.

Congratulations to each of the homeowners and thanks to  Jamie Visocan and Larry Deckard who assisted me on the judging panel.

For December, Yard of the Month will be awarded to the home with the best decorations.  So bring it on–lights, wreaths, swags, greenery, … you get the idea.  Several homes have started already.  But we won’t judge until Sunday, December 22, 2013, so you’ve got until then.  Happy Holiday decorating!

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