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March Yard of the Month

1st Place, 8524 Averell Court

Yard of the Month for March is awarded to Michael and Sheri Farmer of 8524 Averell Court. The manicured shrubs, fresh coating of mulch and rich green lawn show the care they take in their yard’s appearance. As a corner lot, they have twice the frontage to maintain and do so beautifully.

Runner up for March are Graham and Alice Kennedy of 8516 Wheeling.  A second-time runner up and winner last year, the Kennedy’s yard can always be looked to as an example of great yard care.  Finishing third is the home of Jonathan Rodrigues of 2505 Sugar Maple.

2nd Place - 8616 Wheeling

Congratulations to the homeowners and thanks to Larry Deckard, Jen Magee and Mimi Raub  who served on the judging panel.

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