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Alyson Pond Community Networking event – This Thursday (4/26)

Hi Neighbors,
This Thursday, 4/26 @ 7PM until 8:30 or 9ish at the clubhouse we are having the first ever Alyson Pond Community Networking event called “BRANCH OUT”!!!!!! This is your chance to extend the “olive branch”to your neighbors! Get to know one another… Who are they?  What do they do… for work or fun? 
We live in an AWESOME COMMUNITY!!!! We all have worked hard in someway or another to be able to live here… So this is Alyson Pond’s effort to “REACH OUT” to you & open up the window of opportunity to help each other flourish!  It’s about spreading the word….
  • Do you (or your company) provide products or services?
  • Are you job hunting and want to meet potential employers or get referrals?
  • Do you need products or services, and would love to know someone to call who can be trusted?
  • Are you a stay-at-home parent who would like something to do “on-the-side”?
  • Do you just want to HAVE FUN & get to know your neighbors better???
Whatever YOUR reason is… COME ON OUT!
By popular demand, this is one of the only events for adults only… The time is set for 7pm because hopefully by then most of us are home from work and/or the kids practices, and can get away for a little while…
A yummy array of appetizers will be provided (until they run-out)!!!!! This event is BYO-beverages & business cards. By all means, please do not let it stop you from participating if you do not have a card! WE WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU…
We will have a fish bowl drawing for a door prize at the end of the event.
If this is a success then we will continue to have this reoccurring every month on the last Thursday with the exception of holdiay(s) during the winter months.
If you would like to RSVP to me before the event, it would be appreciated.  My contact information can be found in the last newsletter, or you can reach me through
Kindest Regards,
Kristen Mitchell
Alyson Pond, Social Chair

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