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Garden Club Looks at The Latest for Watering Your Lawn

Tired of dragging hoses?  Want to learn how to be ‘Green’ about keeping your lawn green?

Then come to the Alyson Pond Garden Club meeting this Sunday, July 25, at 3:00 PM. You’ll learn about:

  • Do I need an automatic irrigation system?
  • How does it work?
  • What does it cost?
  • What is new in the industry?
    • Government regulations
    • ‘Smart’ controllers
    • NC State TIMS program

Temperatures are soaring and your lawn is browning.  Find out what you can — and should — do about it.


  1. Carl Meinhardt says:

    Forget about the water. Has anyone figured out that crabgrass is a weed?

    • leisurepaul says:

      Hi Carl. I’ve talked to the pros at John Deere Landscapes [wholesale providers of products to the landscape industy] and they report that all the landscapers have seen an increase in crabgrass this year, even in treated lawns. They attribute it to the following: The chemical pre-emergents break down with excessive moisture and heat. We have had both: a relatively wet spring and a month of over 90 degree temperatures in June. If you have too much crabgrass to pull by hand, then get out the roundup and try to knock it out before it goes to seed. Then reseed fescue the first of September. -Paul

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