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Yard of the Month

The Pappas Residence


The Yard of the Month for November, 2010 is awarded to Bill and Donna Pappas.

Their home, located at 2809 Coxindale (next to the Clubhouse), would have been a good choice for the award any month this summer based on the beautiful flower garden that Donna maintains. But what really set them apart this month was the newly completed renovation of the back yard. Here, they installed artificial turf to replace the struggling fescue lawn.

“Ducks and dogs have take their toll” says Bill. “Now all I have to do is hose it down and it is as good as new”. In addition to easy upkeep, the lawn is environmentally friendly, especially at their pondside location. Runoff of fertilizers and pesticides is no longer a concern and this new addition will protect the water quality of Alyson Pond.

For December, Yard of the Month will be awarded to the home with the best Holiday display. So get out your lights, greenery, ribbons and bows! Judging will be conducted on Sunday, December 26, 2010.

A new putting green and dog run are almost maintenance free


  1. david says:

    I am not surprised you gave Bill the award as he is one of your client’s from Leisure Landscape. You should give the award for merit and not because you have a vested interest in the promotion of your company.

  2. Adam Gartenberg says:

    ***Comment removed due to impersonation of another individual. If you want to leave a comment, real name and e-mail must be used . ***

  3. Paul Martin says:

    David, while I would like to take the credit, Leisure Landscapes did not do this work for which the Pappas Residence was awarded “Yard of the Month”. It was installed by another contractor. In fact, because the turf is “maintenance-free”, our monthly fee is now cut in half. So Leisure Landscapes has nothing to gain from this installation. Bill and Donna were awarded “Yard of the Month” because of the merit of the project and the fact that it was the right thing to do.

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