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Alyson Pond Master Plan – Third Installment

Alyson Pond Playground

E. Playground Perimter Walk The purpose of the perimeter walk is to provide access from the parking lot to the playground facilities, the tennis courts and the walkway on the dam and the gazebo and dock on the pond.
The walkway begins at the parking lot with a wide 8′ landing that carries you through the entry gates into the playground area. it stops first at the information Center where the path splits with the right path circling to the right of the playground with spurs going to the tennis courts and to the basketball court. It continues around to the picnic bench area where another spur climbs the hill to the bridge, dam walkway and gazebo and dock.
The path to the left circles to the left side of the playground and has another access point there. It continues by some seating benches and joins with the right path at the picnic tables. From there another spur climbs the hill and connects to the dam pathway on the other side of the bride. The dam path then connects to the patio at the back of the clubhouse.
The path is a paved surface (asphalt, concrete, chapel hill gravel) that is 4 feet wide and without steps for at least one complete segment allowing for strollers, wheelchairs and bikes to utiize it. Those sections that pass over drainage swales will have ‘bridges’ of treated planking to allow water to pass underneath and pedestrian traffic above. The path will further be constructed soas to be compliant with ADA requirements for accessiblity. This may require routing changes, additional access points, wheelchair parking or “ground” space, accessable surfaces in the “use” zone, ramps and elevated routes or transfer systems.
F.  Kiddy Pool – The purpose of the ‘kiddy’ or wading pool is to a provide a safe water feature for toddlers. The pool would be located adjacent to the existing pool compound.
A detailed analysis is required to determine to what degree existing infrastructure could support the pool addition. Specific areas to be adressed are:
• structural stability and finish
• water circulation, heating and filtration
• skimming, inlets and outlets
• cross-connection control
• maintenance costs for chemical control and water testing

G. Other – Included in this section are additional landscape plants and irrigation systems. The purpose of the landscape plants is beautify the area, provide shade, control erosion and reduce landscape maintenance cost. The purpose of the irrigation system is provide healthier turf for erosion control and to provide a higher quality recreation area.

The hillsides adjacent to the pool and on the backside of the dam would be take out of turf and planted with shrubs to eliminmate the liability of a dangerous mowing area and to improve the aesthetics of the grounds. Trees would be planted around the playground to replace those damaged by storms and to provide shade and comfort in the playground area. Other existing turf and bed areas would be reviewed for compatibility with form and function based on current and projected growth.
To maintain the plantings and turf in the clubhhouse/playground area, an irrigation system would be installed. In keeping with new regulations, smart control systems would be employed. To improve efficiency and reduce operating cost cost, the pond would be utilized as the water source.
Finally, additional lighting would be installed for improved security and after-dusk enjoyment of the landscape features. For safety and reduced operting costs, low voltage LED systems will be utilized.

This concludes the review of the items addressed in the 2000 Master Plan for Alyson Pond. The next step is to identify items that were not included then, but are of general interest to include today. These items will be collected from the results of the homeowner surveys, email feedback from this series of blogs and a special meeting to be convened for the sole purpose of discussing the Master Plan.

Once all this input has obtained, the next step will be to determine today’s costs of each of the projects and then rank them according to their cost/benefit. This step may include the employment of additional expertise to develop more detailed specifications of form and function and contractor feedback to options and costs.

Once this data is in hand, the Master Plan will be revised and the funding for the Plan evaluated to take into account current escrow amounts and allocations to the fund.

The final step will be developing an installation calendar and letting bids for the work to be done.


  1. Patricia Ann Jakobs says:

    Iwish we had a way that we could advertise items that we can sell or give away in the newsletter , or post them somewhere for residents to see.

  2. Carly Scholz says:

    I don’t think a kiddie/toddler pool is a good idea. A small body of water is much higher chemical maintenance than a large one, (even with an automated chemical system) a smaller body of water is far less stable than a large one and needs more frequent monitoring. Also, toddler pools are under used in an environment like this, parents need not only to be watching all of their children but to have unencumbered access to them (there has to be a latched gate between a toddler pool and a large one). Parents will choose to be at the larger pool with taller siblings.

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