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May Yard of the Month

1st Place, 2708 Coxindale

1st Place, 2708 Coxindale

Yard of the Month for May is awarded to Mimi Raub of 2708 Coxindale.  Mimi was a second place winner in February 2011 and April 2013. The lush green lawn, manicured shrubs, and perennial flowers highlight this yard’s appearance.

Tying for second are Mary Frances Warren of 8501 Wheeling and Graham and Alice Kennedy of 8516 Wheeling.

8501 Wheeling

2nd Place Tie – 8501 Wheeling

Mary Frances is in the finals for the first time and her yard may be the one to keep your eye on.  The freshly and generously planted summer seasonal flowers promise to be a riot of color this summer.

The Kennedys are always a contender, and one look makes it easy to see why they are always in the running.

2nd Place Tie- 8516 Wheeling

2nd Place Tie – 8516 Wheeling

Congratulations to each of the homeowners and thanks to Jen Magee and Larry Deckard who served with me  on the judging panel.


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