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May Yard of the Month


1st Place - 8632 Iman

1st Place – 8632 Iman

Finishing  first for Yard of the Month are John Owens and Lucille Krissel of 2642 Iman .  The judges were impressed with their lawn restoration; Fall seeding really paid off and the continued cool wet weather is just what it likes.  Said one judge, ” Johns yard is absolutely AMAZING”

2nd Place – 2601 Iman


Finishing  second are Barry and Janice Rudisell of 2601 Iman . They are the new kids on the Yard of the Month block this year, but were a first-place finisher in September of last year.  Keep up the good work!


3rd Place – 8516 Wheeling

In third are Graham and Alice Kennedy of 8516 Wheeling. Their home always has a neat manicured look, no matter what the season.  This is the fourteenth time that the Kennedys have placed in the finals in the last two years, having placed first in June of 2012.


Congratulations to each of the homeowners for the consistent quality care they give to their homes and yards and thanks to Larry Deckard and Jamie Visocan who assisted me on the judging panel.

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